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Project and build management

Project and build management

From execution to acceptance of your development operations
We provide all the services required to carry out your operations, providing specific expertise in development and dry and wet networks, in roads and utilities.

Our engineers and technicians, with their recognised skills in roads and utilities engineering, have mastered all the technical and technological aspects in the fields of urban design, road design, and network undergrounding.
Design and creation of urban developments
Design and creation of urban developments

Design and creation of urban developments

Our agency is responsible for the design and implementation of outdoor public spaces. This expertise covers all works and structures related to the development of mobility infrastructures and public spaces.

Thanks to our team’s expertise in urban planning and design (roads and utilities engineers, landscape designers, development engineers) Epode provides the guarantee of the highest quality of execution.

What we do:

  • safety improvements: crossroads, roundabouts, raised platforms, speed bumps, chicane, central island, pavements
  • development of new roads or reprofiling of existing roads
  • parking developments
  • enabling accessibility for persons with reduced mobility
  • making pedestrian areas safe, promoting smooth mobility, creating or rehabilitating bicycle and pedestrian paths
  • creating and transforming public spaces, squares,
  • creating sports facilities and playgrounds,
  • joint development zones and housing estates
  • earthworks and retaining structures

Our clients

Dry network engineering

Dry network engineering

Through our subsidiary Evoke, our agency has expertise in “dry” network engineering aimed at setting up energy transport and distribution infrastructures or new technologies to repair, create, or optimise your network.

We design, size, and create the entire network, its civil engineering, and all the necessary cabling.

What we do:

  • public lighting
  • low voltage electricity - medium voltage - HTA,
  • FTTH
  • telecommunications

electric charging stations

Hydraulic engineering
Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic engineering

Structured around hydraulic engineers, our team provides solutions to water-related problems:

  • management and preservation of the drinking water resource,
  • rainwater management,
  • wastewater treatment
  • and fluid transport for your development projects.

What we do:

Drinking water

  • Diagnosis of the drinking water supply network
  • Master plans
  • Modelling of network operation
  • Fire defence
  • Design and construction of drinking water supply networks and water catchments


  • Rainwater management studies
  • Diagnosis of storm drain networks
  • Master plans
  • Rainwater infiltration feasibility study, modelling
  • Project management for the design and sizing of hydraulic structures and treatment systems


  • Diagnosis of wastewater networks
  • Master plan and modelling
  • Project management for the design of the sewerage collector and sewerage treatment

Our clients

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