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Global approach

A global and multidisciplinary approach

For fifteen years, Epode has been working on sustainable development projects in various sites and scales and offers its skills in urban planning & design, environment, landscaping, project management, and lighting design.

EPODE is unique thanks to its multidisciplinary teams and step-by-step transversal approach.

From planning and design to management and implementation. Epode provides tailor-made support to local authorities and private sector through their global approach. This guarantees a high level of efficiency and ensures that all aspects are taken into account from the very beginning of your development project.

Étudier & planifier

 Study & Plan

Successful projects are based on understanding the stakes, clearly defining the client's needs, and creating the conditions for their completion.

Our objective: Identify the different parameters to give the future project a framework, and plan the schedule for its different phases.

Epode provides support in the diagnosis of your project in order to analyse the steps needed to bring your project to life. We define the roadmap, identify the regulatory tools, and anticipate the procedures that will ensure project success.

Concevoir & Élaborer

 Design & Develop

After having identified the needs and stakes, defined the programme, established an appropriate regulatory framework, Epode translates your ideas into projects. 

Our objective: Carry out feasibility studies enabling project owners to translate their intentions into development plans and to co-build the precise characteristics of their future operations.

The pre-operational study is a valuable decision-making because :

  • It provides quantitative and qualitative guarantees on the future programme;
  • It provides finite analysis to take development scenarios into consideration;
  • It secures the technical and financial feasibility of the operation;
  • It prepares the operational programme’s implementation by contractors.

The guarantee of an integrated engineering that serves your project

In this process, Epode assists local authorities in their projects by carrying out public consultation and mediation assignments, which are crucial to the viable emergence of your development projects.

Réaliser & piloter
Piloter et réaliser

Produce & Manage

With its unique approach, Epode supports you up to your project’s completion. Experienced in land development and operations, our engineers and technicians coordinate with various trades to reduce deadlines, optimise costs, and ensure that the project meets expectations.

Our goal: Ensure the viability of your development programmes through to the technical and regulatory details of their implementation.

Your project is managed and completed with total serenity.

As a certified project manager, Epode manages and carries out all the services defined under the French Project Management law in compliance with the best practices and safety.

As a general coordinator for small, medium and large-scale operations, we have been providing

  • project reflection (ESQ, AVP, PRO),
  • by contractors (DCE),
  • monitoring and executing the work (DET),
  • up to work acceptance (AOR),
  • project management for your development.

Expertise and know-how recognised beyond our borders

Thanks to this approach, EPODE is developing its expertise and know-how abroad. We deal with the whole range of land development issues. We develop all of our trades and specifically support tourism strategy development.

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